The Code for India Hackathon

Assembling the developer community in Bangalore and Mountain View to come together for Code for India’s global hackathon aimed at building scalable technological solutions for non-profits that are solving real challenges in India.






Hours of Impact


Brief Section Summary

Most Awesome

Most Awesome Project

Geeks 4 Good worked on "School Infrastructure Tracking Application (SITA)" given by the American India Foundation.

DJ911 worked on "Rescue Me" given by the Code for India Team.

Each member on both teams won a Nexus 5 (Sponsored by Google).

Most Technically Challenging

Most Technically Challenging Projects

Digital Green worked on "Digital Green" given by the NASCOMM Foundation.

Top of the Stack worked on "Let the Voter's Data Speak" given by the Overseas Volunteers for a Better India.

Each member on both teams won a Nexus 7 (Sponsored by Google).

Most Usable

Most Usable Projects

Muse worked on "Heritage Preservation" given by the Archives of Indian Music.

SITAfal worked on the School Infrastructure Tracking Application (SITA) given by the American India Foundation.

Each member of the Muse team won an HP Chromebook 11 (Sponsored by Google). Each member of the SITAfal team won a Moto X (Sponsored by Google).

Most Popular

Most Popular Projects

iPatra worked on the "Daily Food Requirement Simulator" given by Akshaya Patra.

Kaisa Paisa worked on the "Financial Literacy" Game given by the American India Foundation.

Each member of both teams won a Moto G (Sponsored by Google).


Code for India hosted the first ever parallel hackathon between USA and India from May 9 - May 11, 2014. The event was a great success with over 310 hackers and 50 partners across both the locations. Thank you for making it happen!

N.R. Narayana Murthy
Keynote Speech, Hackathon 2014, Bangalore

“...think of designing solutions that will address a meta problem, so many nonprofits can benefit from those solutions. It'll benefit billions of people."

N. R. Narayana Murthy delivered the keynote in Bangalore on May 9, 2014 and Phanindra Sama followed with snippets from his journey with In Mountain View, the hackathon was kicked-off after a fireside chat between Amit Singhal and Karl Mehta. These tech pioneers believed that technology can change the world and left the audience inspired with the possibilities of the impact they can create for billions of people!

Amit Singhal
Keynote Speech, Hackathon 2014, Mountain View

“Give back to someone who wouldn’t repay you. (quoting Larry and Sergey’s philosophy on giving back)"

The electronic city hosted 160 participants while Silicon Valley saw about 150 participants. The Code for India team believes in initiatives to encourage women in tech, so we were glad to see women participants at the hackathon. Speaking of women, we had a 9-year old young lady partner with her father to build an application to enable and improve school children’s financial literacy. The father-daughter team won the Most Popular prize category in Mountain View.


Brief Section Summary


Brief Section Summary