CFI Fellowship Program

The next CodeForIndia Fellowship will take place in Bangalore from October 3 – December 17 2016. Fellows will focus on developing bots that can help young people learn math, language and life skills. This will tie in to the CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize submission in November, and also the work CodeForIndia Bangalore does with children in rural areas around Bangalore.
This is a residential fellowship for people willing and able to stay with us on an organic farm just outside Bangalore. Accommodation is rough, tents on pallet racks, and beautiful. Basic living expenses (food, water, rent, internet) are covered for fellows, but we can not cover travel expenses or provide a stipend at this time.

Fellows need to be competent programmers with a vision for how to make a chatbot that can run on an Android tablet and help a kid reach their full potential. Ideally bots will work offline with the simple Android chat framework we have made for our X-Prize submission. We may accept some fellows doing more forward development that leverages real time internet communication, and misc. frameworks and cloud apis. All fellowship development is done as open source on GitHub.

The CodeForIndia Fellowship program is done in partnership with Hamsah Organic Farm and the Jaaga Study Code / Yoga school. Apply / Find out more

Apply / Find out more