Miten Mehta

Chief Alliance Officer,
CleverTap I ex-Google (Xoogler)

Miten is an industry recognised digital leader in building global Strategic Alliance P&L to deliver – non-linear revenue growth via solution partners and compounding value via Technology Partners, with deep integration in the customer tech stack.

He is an experienced performer with proven expertise in growing and accelerating channel sales revenue, opportunity pipe (SQL) and leads funnel (MQL), to increase ACV / ARR, expand margins and reduce CAC & churn for SaaS businesses.

He is pioneer of CARE (Customer Acquisition Retention & Engagement) partner framework with ‘Co-Market, Co-Sell & Co-Innovate’ engagement model – to address markets that are underserved or can not be served profitably through direct sales.

His core competency is in ‘market creation’ and ‘market development’ to drive new revenue motion, customer acquisition, user adoption, product innovation and customer success, leveraging partner ecosystem and distribution network.

High Impact, inspiring team player who is deeply compassionate and committed to his craft (alliances), community (partners) and conviction (SaaS business).

At CleverTap, he onboarded & executed GTM with top 40 Solution partners (‘scale together’) incl. Consulting firms, Digital Agencies, Apps Developers, SI & Accelerators. He also Activated top 10 Tech partners (‘better together’) incl. AWS, Google, SFDC, AppsFlyer, Vonage, Segment etc to fortify customer value proposition.

At Google, Miten led strategic customer accounts and strategic partner & developer communities for GCP. Previously, he was the co-founder of Spinta Global Accelerator, KloudData, eComLive (acq: InfoSpace) & MoConDi (acq: MobileMedia).

He has been an advisor / mentor in Stanford Angels, Berkeley Labs, GSV Labs, Stanford Venture Studio, 42, IIT SINE, Alchemist, U First Capital and others.

He has served on the board of MCX, IEX and 63 moons and has led acqui-hire of PurpleData (AI), Move10X (Logistics), Jaypar (SAP) and Lambent (Mobile). He has advised / angel invested in Ipsh (acq: Omnicom), JP Mobile (acQ; Good,), PlaySpan (acq: Visa) and others incl Hubilo, EthX, Chatur Ideas & GlobalScaleup.

Miten is a volunteer / member of,,, SaaS Leadership Alliance (SLA), Xoogler among others.